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Wonderful!! Cushioning, Rococo 12mm Cork Flooring! - $4 (QUEBEC)


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People who suffer from stiff joints, headaches, back aches or arthritis find that impact absorbing cork flooring to be a great comfort. Cork is incredibly elastic. It has a high rate of compression and great structural memory. It is able to withstand 50% compression with 95% recovery.

This means cork has a wonderful cushioning effect because of its compressibility, making walking and standing on it very comfortable. Now you can get all the benefits cork has to offer in our Rocco floating floor for a low cost of $3.99 a square foot at

Forna cork flooring engineered to be 100% sustainable and recyclable, you can be assured that only the bark of the cork oak tree is used. The actual tree is left standing, so cork is considered to be a “green” material. Cork rocks in flooring; it can keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, it repels moisture, is easy to clean and lasts for years.

We carry samples of all our cork lines. If fact, we prefer that customers make purchasing decisions only after having seen and touched our sample pieces. When you are ready to buy, we are ready to ship. It is that easy. Visit our website to order your free samples, we only ask for $6.95 (5-6 samples) to pay the USPS cost of shipping your parcel.

Cancork Floor INC
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