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Cork is one of the best flooring for bedrooms out there. Cork flooring works marvelously to insulate a room, helping to keep ambient noises out and ensuring that the space remains restful and quiet. And as it is warm and soft to the touch, you feet will never be too cold and your floors will be a relief to stand or sit on. See us today and learn all the wonderful things cork flooring can do for your home.

Cork is a natural thermal and acoustic insulator so installing cork flooring in your home means a warmer and quieter area without having to buy multiple products to achieve the same outcome. Cork can simultaneously act as a thermal barrier, a sound insulator and a vibration dampener, so is often the first choice in the building industry.

Cork is ideal as a flooring material. It looks attractive, has endurance worthy of champions, and is equitably priced. One of its outstanding achievements is that as a result of its unique cellular structure, honeycomb-like, it is warm and comfortable to walk on too. Add to those outstanding qualities the fact that cork is also ecologically friendly and you’ve got the best in its field.

Cork flooring resembles hardwood planks and is not only much more economical choice, but a ‘greener’ option as well. With global warming showing a marked change in weather patterns that may soon present a dangerous downswing in the balance of our known world, investing in cork flooring or walling is a smart decision.

Cork flooring is amazing when installed as office flooring. Cork flooring naturally insulates keeping the office warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Cork’s insulating abilities means it can also help keep your office quieter, great for the working environment.

Installing floating cork floors is easy and can be done by any person willing and able, in the event you wish to cut back on the costs incurred when hiring a professional. There are no special skills required and with the use of certain tools, you can get the job done in a relatively short amount of time. Preparing the floors is the key, and with floating floors, you can keep your existing ceramics or laminate floors and install vinyl plank floors on top of them. It depends on how you want to get everything done and how you want to proceed. There are many guides online that provide step by step instructions. Quite easy to follow.

Shop online today and start saving money on all the top cork flooring colors and patterns. When you purchase from Forna you are buying direct from our warehouse and we save you money! Visit us today at for all your floating floor needs – square edge, bevel edge printed plank, and our new Fusion Cork. We are happy to pop your favorites in the mail to you. Want to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff – we can be reached using our toll free number or in our Chat Room. We are always happy to help!

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