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Cork flooring can be used in almost any area of your home. But did you know they are great in the bedroom too. They lend a warm look and add to the aesthetics of bedrooms. As one of the best contenders for soundproofing, cork flooring is the best with its ability to dampen sound and look good doing it. Not only that, cork is also great moisture, incent and fire repellent. Make it a part of your bedroom décor today.

Hailed as one of the most comfortable flooring, cork tiles by its very cellular structure provides a cushier floor for those who spend more time puttering around the kitchen. A cork floor reduces the stress to your feet and joints. However, two important factors must be understood.

Natural cork floorings acoustic properties make it a sensible choice for any home in which echoing presents a problem. Cork’s very infrastructure, millions of micro air cells, will provide and extra barrier against noise insulation. Thundering footsteps become muted with a layer of cork; while the material’s pliancy would be an added benefit should any tot happen to stumble. Go with natural cork flooring today.

Cork is warm and toasty in winter and can help keep your home cool in summer. Cork underlay is generally used under a hard surface such as stone, laminate, wooden floors, vinyl, linoleum or floating floors to increase acoustics in a room. But it also works great as a thermal barrier and added padding for these flooring materials too. So you gain even better benefits

Glue down application is more cost and labor intensive and often also involves hiring a professional, whereas installing a floating floor is easy enough for a DIY weekend project. In the long run a floating cork floor can save you money. if you choose to use cork floating flooring, you can even do the installation by yourself and save money.

You won’t believe our prices! We carry cork floating floors for as little as $2.69 a square foot. Our glue-down tiles start at just $2.29 a square foot. This means you get the beauty and feel of cork at a faction of the price.

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