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*** AMAZING SPIDERMAN / Spider-man COMIC BOOK Superhero ~ Magazine! - $50 (Toronto)


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fabrication/fabricant: Spiderman


>>> "French & English" Language Editions <<<
Will ship Anywhere!

Original Canadian 5 issue series, produced under the direction of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police with the cooperation of the Alliance for a Drug Free Canada, Right-Riders Bicycle and Road Safety Program and other organizations.

Volume #1:
Issue #1 - Amazing Spider-Man - "Skating on Thin Ice" - 1990 (EDMONTON Hockey) - featuring Herb Carnagie (Future Aces).
Issue #2 - Amazing Spider-Man - "Double Trouble" - 1990 (WINNIPEG, FREDERICTON Science).
Issue #3 - Amazing Spider-Man - "Hit and Run" - 1992 (TORONTO BLUE JAYS Bicycles).
Issue #4 - Amazing Spider-Man - "Chaos in Calgary" - 1992 (CALGARY STAMPEDE Rodeo).
Issue #5 - Amazing Spider-Man - "Dead Ball" - 1993 (MONTREAL EXPOS Baseball).

Exclusively sold and distributed in Canada ONLY!
You will not find the Set of all 5 of these Limited Edition Comics together.

$50 for All 5 English Edition Comics.
$75 for All 5 French Edition Comics.
(Plastic Bags & Backer Boards)

The Amazing Spider-Man -- Marvel Comics -- January 1, 1990

Skating on Thin Ice is an anti-drug public service announcement that takes place in Canada.
In the first issue Spider-Man managed to track Electro's drug operation to Canada. Peter Parker then convinced J. Jonah Jameson to send him to Canada to cover a science fair. Arriving in Winnipeg, Peter Parker meets science fair winner Beth. He encounters Electro again and manages to convince one of the kids of Beth's hockey team to stay off drugs.

Peter Parker Convinces J. Jonah Jameson to go to Winnipeg to do some investigating after a brief run through with Electro. Spider-Man Follows Electro to Canada on a major drug bust, all the while, Spider-man is teaching some kids to make the right choices along with hockey legend Herb Carnegie ("Future Aces" - African-American hockey legend) making a guest appearance.

Characters: Spider-Man, Electro, J. Jonah Jameson
Todd McFarlane cover. Written by Dwayne McDuffie with art by Alex Saviuk and inks by Christopher Ivy.

COMIC #2: DOUBLE TROUBLE Volume 1 - #2
The Amazing Spider-Man -- Marvel Comics -- January 1, 1990

In the issue, the action has moved to Fredericton for the next big science fair. Beth is there representing Winnipeg, as well as her friend Charlie, who was also a science fair winner in Winnipeg. Spider-Man isn't the only Unites States national in Canada interested in the science fair; there's also the Chameleon, who suspects that Beth's revolutionary science fair project could be worth several hundred thousand dollars* to the right buyer.

The Chameleon breaks into Beth's room but can't find her notes. He then disguises himself as a teenage boy and befriends Beth and Charlie. The Chameleon discovers Charlie has a drug problem and offers him more drugs if he can get Beth's notes. Beth walks in on Charlie tearing apart her room and discovers his drug problem. She throws him out. Later, Spider-Man shows up at her window and tells her that he needs her notes for a "dire emergency." She gives him her notes, but as you've probably already guessed, this isn't the authentic Spider-Man -- but instead the Chameleon disguised as Spider-Man. The real Spider-Man chases the fake Spider-Man and manages to recover Beth's notes, but the Chameleon escapes. Spider-Man returns Beth's notes, but not before giving both her and Charlie a lecture about drugs.

The next day is the big science fair. Disguised as a judge, the Chameleon manages for the second time to grab Beth's notes. Spider-Man sees through his disguise and webs him up, but the Chameleon sets off a trap. Somehow, he has managed to turn all the science fair projects into killer robots. In the end, Spider-Man saves the bystanders and Charlie gives up drugs. A happy ending, even if we never find out who won the science fair.

Written by Dwayne McDuffie with art by Alex Herb Trimpe and inks by Christopher Ivy.
Characters: Spider-Man, Chameleon and Electro (in flashback).

COMIC #3: HIT AND RUN Volume 1 - #3
The Amazing Spider-Man -- Marvel Comics -- January 1, 1992

A story about bike and road safety taking place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Spidey and Ghost Rider race to the rescue!
Real locations which can be found are Silver Snail Comics on Page 11 and both the then "Sky Dome" (now Roger's Centre) home of the Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball Team and the CN Tower all over the book.

Peter Parker is in Toronto to cover the Toronto Blue Jays/New York Yankees game.

The action starts as young Phil Danton is riding his bike to the stadium. He's excited because that night he and the other members of his bicycle team (the "Right Riders") are going to demonstrate bicycle safety before the game and then get to watch the game free. He's also hoping he can get some autographs from the ballplayer. Phil's running late so he cuts through an alley. Unfortunately, a drunk driver also picks that moment to use the alley as a shortcut and hits Phil head-on before fleeing the scene.

Luckily, Phil's American cousin happens to be in town -- a cousin named Danny Ketch. For those of you who remember the '90s, you'll recall that Danny Ketch was the alter ego of the second Ghost Rider, a ubiquitous character who appeared in almost as many comics as Wolverine. Danny gets Phil to the hospital and then hunts down the drunk driver as Ghost Rider. The driver escapes and manages to convince Spider-Man that it was Ghost Rider who hit Phil, not him.

Spidey hunts down Ghost Rider and because this is a team-up comic book, they fight. Meanwhile, the drunk driver hires some goons to kill Phil because he thinks Phil is Ghost Rider. Spidey and Ghost Rider manage to patch up their differences (the issue being mainly that Spider-Man believed the word of a two-bit thug over someone he'd worked alongside before) and make it back to the hospital in time to rescue Phil. The goons are caught, the drunk driver confesses, and Phil gets an autographed baseball and visit from BJ Birdy, the Blue Jay's mascot.

Characters: Spider-Man, Ghost Rider

COMIC #4: CHAOS IN CALGARY Volume 1 - #4
The Amazing Spider-Man -- Marvel Comics -- January 1, 1992

Peter Parker is in Calgary, Alberta taking pictures for the Daily Bugle of the rodeo at the Calgary Stampede: The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!

This is the fourth in a series of Spider-Man public service comics is bicycle safety, although it only mentioned in two panels of the entire comic. While the comic does feature a super-hero team cameo, that team happens to be the Rangers. Once again American super-villains are an integral part of the plot and Peter just happens to be in the right place in the right time (and luckily criminals only victimize one city at a time in Canada).

As the comic starts, Peter is at the Calgary Stampede taking pictures for the Daily Bugle. Alongside him are Nobel Prize winning physicist Dr. Cargill and his wheelchair bound daughter Joline.

Performing at the Stampede are the Rangers, some of Marvel's cheesiest heroes: there's sharp-shooter Shooting Star, mysterious vigilante Phantom Rider, and the Texas Twister, half man-half cyclone. Appearing with the Rangers are the Right Riders, the safe-riding bicycle team from the previous issue. A watered-down version of the Frightful Four choose this moment to attack the crowd and kidnap Dr. Cargill.

Peter rushes Joline to her father's RV where she'll be safe. He then changes into Spider-Man and rushes back to rescue the doctor. Meanwhile, the Rangers have taken on the Frightful Four and lost in record time. Back at the RV, Joline switches to a souped-up hovering wheelchair and becomes Turbine, Canada's newest super-hero. She joins up with the Right Riders and together they rescue the Rangers and help Spidey capture the Frightful Four and rescue Dr. Cargill.

Characters: Spider-Man, Dreadknight, Phantom Rider, Trapster, Wizard, Man-Bull, Shooting Star, Texas Twister and Turbine (Canada's newest super-senasation).

COMIC #5: DEAD BALL Volume 1 - #5
The Amazing Spider-Man -- Marvel Comics -- January 1, 1993

Featuring Major League Baseball's Montreal Expos Baseball Team.

"Field of Screams" features Spidey facing the Green Goblin during a Montreal Expos game in Canada! Script by Adam Blaustein, pencils by Jim Craig, inks by Dan and David Day. Craig/Tom Morgan cover.

Characters: Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Major Jane, Norman Osborn

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